Worm Gear, Late Stage Prototype

Tue, 3 Mar 2015

After some more experimenting I've put together a working worm gear mechanism with a 12:1 speed reduction. Here's the Instagram video of the model in action.


Worm gear cam in-a-box #papercraft #papertoy #automata #mechanism #gear #essentialmechanisms

A video posted by Rob Ives (@robivescom) on


I tried a variety of different gear profiles before finally settling on the yellow one here.

I put together an almost two turn worm and a geared camshaft.

The two parts fit into a box with a cam follower.

I'll put together a download with this mechanism and probably another with a worm gear driving a crank rather than a cam. I have an idea for a snail model which could be based on this mech, you can see a sketch of it it in my Instagram stream.

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  • umehta March 4, 2015 at 2:39 am

    Sure snail will look

    Sure snail will look realistic on this.

    The old model "Early Bird" is also a good candidate for this mechanism in a new way – and let someone attach a regular inexpensive but high rpm DC motor to it and it will slow it down to just right speed.

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