TMR (A quick re-cap, "This-Much! Robot." Press the body down and the arms go out – "I love you this much!")

Having got a set of working arms I'm now fitting them into a robot body. I've had to redo the arms a bit thinner front to back so that they'll fit into a reasonable size body. I spent a lot of time drawing pictures and trying to work out how it was all going together. In the end I just roughed up a couple of interlocking tubes and started hacking away with the scalpel. Having worked out how everything fits I'll now be able to create a neater version. This process also shows me where the model needs strength. When I rebuild I'll be able to add some suitably placed creases and tubes for rigidity.

I've finished another project today – I'll be able to tell you more soon. Oooo! Exciting eh?!