I'm still fiddling with the drive for the Clockwork Mouse and Flex-Robot projects. I'm aiming to create a drive which I can fit into a base box which I could then expand with other parts such as crank slider or cam if they were needed in future projects. Here is the latest mech that I have come up with. The handle is turned and the crank shaft drives the shaded area up and down.

It works really smoothly, there is nothing to catch or snag and I can add extra bits fairly easily if I choose to.

This unshaded close up gives you a better idea of what is going on inside the box. Plenty of room there for other mechanisms if needed.

The clockwork mouse model doesn't need any extra mechanisms so I've created this slimmed down version. I'll be putting this bare scotch yoke mech on the site tomorrow for you to play with. It must be mk iii or mk iv by now!