Sometimes I like to make mechanisms purely for mechanisms sake – they often find their own place in future models and it is fun to experiment.

This latest mech is a way of producing a reduced output speed on a model. It uses a modified version of a ratchet mech that I used before here. I’ve linked the ratched to a crank as the main drive.

You can see the prototype in animated action here.

Ratchet & crank experimental mechanism. #papercraft #mechanism #crank #ratchet

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There is a twenty toothed ratchet gear hidden inside this box. The box serves to hold the ratchet tooth strips up against the gear wheel

The gear fits in here.

Part of the delight in paper animation kits is seeing how they work and this model unfortunately has the mechaniam hidden away.

The next stage prototype will feature this gear wheel which is both slightly larger (thirty teeth) and more visible. I’ll post more details of this new version as the model progresses.