Paper Swan Animation on You Tube

Thu, 5 Aug 2010

Here's a nice little video that I came across on YouTube.

It is of a paper model that I designed for Agano City in Japan posted by the prolific DutchPaperGirl.

I've subscribed to her channel.

Useful Link

Flying Swan Automaton

Dutch Paper Girl's YouTube Channel

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  • PookaFletch January 15, 2012 at 6:00 am

    At the YouTube page, where

    At the YouTube page, where DutchPaperGirl says:

    This automaton is made out of paper. I found the pattern on the internet:

    I made it by looking at the photos….


    However, when you click on the URL, you get the "404 Not Found" message.

    But if you truncate the URL to:

    and click on the third item down:

    then scroll to the bottom by the blue bird, and click:  

    Result:  PDFs for the blue bird AND the swan by Rob Ives.


    My friend Furuta-san got me the commission to design the swan model for Agano city near to where he lives in Japan. I think it came out quite well 🙂 – RI

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