You may have noticed the first draft of Moving Knight model – Sir Cranksalot – on my Instagram Feed.
Below, are a few more details showing how the model is planned to work.

The base is a modified version of the Mesh Gear Crank Essential Mechanism. I’ve extended out the top and base to make the box 20mm deeper then added a cam to the crank shaft to drive the sword arm.

There is a pull strap running from the sword arm down to the weighted cam follower. As the cam drops the arm is pulled up.

Side view of the cam follower.

The body is hinged to the legs at the front then connected to the cam shaft push rod at the back. As the cam turns the body rocks back and forth. As the cam has four lobes the Knight swings his sword four times for each full turn of the crank,

The cam profile needs some work but overall not bad for a first draft!