I'm adding horns to the Nessie project. Horns are no problem, just a tightly rolled tube of paper. Getting then to stay in position without leaning to one side, not so good. Up until now when I've needed a part like this I have made a hole in the head and pushed the part through then secured it with a few blobs of glue on the inside. Neither satisfactory or elegant I'm sure you'll agree. 

So here's the new idea.  


Starting with a piece like this. 

The height above the step corner is the length of the horn. The top edge of the main body of the part curves downwards slightly to give the end of the horn a slight curve.

Roll the the main body of the piece tightly and glue it down to form the horn. Notice the shaped end.

Roll the rest of the tab round and glue it down. See how it makes a flat step on the end of the piece.

Now simply push the horns up through circular holes cut in the head. (I used 4mm diameter holes in this case.

Hows that!? Solidly places, perpendicular horns. Sweet.

I could finish of the ends at this point with a further strip round the top of the horns to make a giraffe type club end.