I’ve done a bit of work on my wwwprint kit bashing project. (I’m going to put a bit of concerted effort into composing a proper title for this project!)

The previous pins were problematic in that they difficult to push into place on the gears. I’ve changed the design slightly so that they are sprung on the sides making a much better fit.


Here’s a finished pin and set of gears ready to fit together.gears-a04


I’ve also created a mark 1 and mark 2 version of a larger gear. Those of you paying attention to the numbers will notice that there is a relationship between the numbers of teeth on the gears I’m made so far.

8 = 1 x 8 : 24 = 3 x 8 : 40 = 5 x 8 in keeping with this series this larger gear is 7 x 8 = 56 teeth.


The tooth numbering allows the new gear to mesh with the other gears whilst fitting into the original base board.


I’m printing all sorts of gears out with minor changes, here’s a picture of the growing collection.