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Thu, 6 Jun 2019

Monthly Membership

Following chats with several prospective members I’ve decided to try offering monthly membership. This will be for a trial period, to see how it goes. Monthly Membership offers all the same benefits of Annual Membership for an automated monthly  fee of £4/$5.50/€4.50

For this you receive:

• Free access to all the projects on the site
• Dozens and dozen and dozen of amazing paper projects!
• Download instructions as PDF files

If it goes well I’ll make it a permanent feature. Don’t worry, if you sign up, your membership will remain until you choose to unsubscribe.

Save 50% by signing up for annual membership!

I’ve also tweaked the annual membership prices to make them even better value for money. (£25/$35/€28.50)

Thanks for your support and interest! I literally couldn’t run this website without you!

Sign up for annual or monthly membership now!

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  • Noel O Sullivan August 11, 2019 at 10:46 am

    Hi Rob,
    I think your prices are very fair.. actually more than fair and the yearly membership option is great value. The amount of time saved for me in design and preparation is invaluable (priceless) . Worth every penny , I say.

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