I've re-done the layout of the Moire pattern robot. I took photographs as I was making it and have put them together to make it into a quick and fun project.. There is a link at the bottom of this post for members to download the parts. What do you mean you're not a member?! Don't worry, you can sign up here.

You'll need the usual tools. Scissors, sharp knife a ruler and some PVA glue. Download the file at the end of this post. Print out the first two pages onto thin card and the third onto paper. Score along all the dotted line then cut out the parts carefully and accurately.

Fold round and make the core as shown above. The flap I'm holding above tucks inside and glues down like the one at the other end of the core. The end result is an oval shaped core.  

Wrap the paper belt round the core and glue the end down onto the grey area on the belt. The belt should be free to move round the core but not too loose. Make sure no glue gets between the core

Glue the two legs into place on the side of the core. The top edge of the legs line up with the edge of the core. Move the belt round so that the join on the belt lines up with the edge of core. (Arrowed)

Spread a 10mm wide area of glue across the width of the belt as shown.

Line the top of the belt with the top of the body and press down the glued area only the inside back of the body. Make sure the core and the body are lined up.

Fold the body round the core and glue it together.

On each side of the body lift the two short tabs slightly. (Arrowed)

Pull the legs so that the two grey semi-circular glue pads are visible through the arm holes. 

Glue the two arms into place on the core.

Complete the model by curving the eye shaft gently and gluing it to the back of the body then gluing on the feet.

Once the glue is dry pull the body up and down and the arms rise up and down whilst the moire pattern effect makes animated effect in the mouth. 

I hope you enjoy this quick, fun project. Add colour, use coloured card to print out the parts or try making the robot with silvered card!

My plan is to take this core mechanism and use it within a fully coloured kit which I'll add to the shop – though of course it will be free for my marvellous members to download just as this project is.