Once you've finished your prototype paper model it is time to transfer it to the computer. For me, this is often a mixture of scanning, photographing and measuring. That's where the handy downloadable ruler/protractor set comes in. Print it out onto thin card or paper and cut out your set of measuring devices.

I had set the angle of the leg on this forthcoming paper bird model to be artistically pleasing and natural looking. With the aid of the small protractor I am able to transfer this angle to the parts layout on the computer. Sixty degrees to the floor. The knee joint turns out to be ninety degrees.

I then use one of the short rulers to measure the length of the leg to the ground. The measurement part of the ruler starts right at the end so it allows be to get right into place and measure unlike a normal ruler which might start 5-7mm from the end of the ruler.

Flexible paper rulers are particularly useful for measuring along the length of a curved surface where the ruler can be made to fit the contours of the piece being measured.

Okay, back to work.