I have two mash-ups for your viewing delight this fine and sunny day. Both these models use the Clockwork Orange as their starting point, itself a mash-up of the scotch yoke and ratchet mechanism. (Any more mashing and these models would be smooth enough for baby food!)

Your friend and mine cool022883 has produced the frst mash-up using the clockwork orange and the paper robot model. Make sure you watch all of the video so you see the rotating dial on the front of the robot’s body. An excellent touch I’m sure you’ll agree.

Clockwork Robot by Mr Cool

The second project is made by friend of the website and prolific masher-upperer Michael42er. He’s started with the Clockwork Orange and added his own apple complete with worm, Excellent work Michael!

Clockwork Apple by Michael42er

Thanks very much both of you for sharing our videos!