This morning Agustín Mateo Rodríguez left the message

” I am 999 😉 great job Rob”
“Hmm, actually older than that really old guy in the bible…” I initailly thought, until I noticed the ‘Likes’ on my facebook page. 999! Thanks Agustin! Who will be number 1000?

Anyway, that totally arbritary milestone based on our use of the base 10 numbering system set me off to looking at all my other stats. Here are some of the interesting things I found.

(Facebook Page)


86 followers. Does anyone care to join and swell the figures? At least get me to three digits 🙂 My Instagram account is a heady mix of pictures of whatever project I’m currently working on, arty pictures of the local area and portraits of fine cups of coffee. How could you possibly resist?


Currently 682 followers. I once read that if you need at least two thousand followers to be taken seriously in the twitterverse. That can’t possibly be true can it?


This is a good one! I have 735 subscribers, 80 videos and last time I looked, over half a million views! Thanks everyone!

Email newsletter.

I have two newsletters. One is the weekly or so newsletter with over six thousand subscribers, the second it the subscription feed that sends you a copy of every blog post direct to your email inbox. I have a very gratifying three hundred plus followers on that one. Thanks for your interest everyone! You can sign up for both on the website.

The final stats snapshot shows this last month’s webpage visit courtesy of Google Analytics. In the last month I’ve had roughly a thousand website visitors a day.
The chart here shows how the geographical location of visitors breaks down.
Interesting stuff!

I suppose the most important stat of all, as far a making a living from what I do, is the number of paid subscribers. As it stands at the moment I have a little over two thousand annual subscribers. Thank you everybody, as I keep saying, I literally couldn’t run this website without you! If you haven’t signed up yet, now is the time!