Next week will see the Guild of Maker’s inaugural event. To quote from the site:

The Maker movement is growing up – the Maker industry is here.
Cottage industries almost died with the industrial revolution, but they are now returning as the Maker industry. Hobbyists are turning professional. From knitting to electronics, wood carving to welding, Makers are turning their creative hobbies into their professions.

The Guild of Makers has been set up by Dr Lucy Rogers as a professional membership organisation to represent Makers.

Come to the launch to meet Lucy and join her as she starts this exciting journey to set up the Guild of Makers to celebrate and encourage excellence and to support Makers, from small craftspeople to professionals.

Workshops have been arranged for the afternoon of the event, including a hands-on practical session that I will be running.

Hands-on workshop: Come and make a human powered pipe-organ from corrugated card and paper. Everyone gets to construct their own bellows-powered note. At the end of the session we’ll make beautiful music together! Lead by Rob Ives.

I’ve been doing some of the prep-work over the past couple of days, check out the website and sign up to join in this and other activities. I’m really looking forward to meeting everyone there!