The nice driver from UPS dropped me off a parcel this morning. It contained my author’s copies of the second edition of Gizmos. I’m delighted, it looks great!

The from of the box features a picture of the Marching Robot, the back shows the other five models that are in pack ready for you to make. Die Fledermaus, Surfing Bunny, Mouthy Moose, Schr√∂dinger’s Cat and the Shrimp Boat.

Inside is a wire-bound booklet with all the parts and instructions.

Each model has an introductory page…

…and full instructions for construction.

Best of all, as well as the parts sheets in the book which are ready for you to cut out and make, there is a separate pack with a second full set of parts sheets pre-cut and creased, ready to pop out and make!

Gizmos is available to buy from Barnes and Noble shops. You can find out more details here.