Charge up your FizzBit and turn any paper toy into a robot! Following a tipoff on Twitter I ordered and quickly received this FizzBit from @CraftyRobot. They are are super simple to use, charge them in a USB socket then release them. The pager motor on the front spins enthusiastically bringing the model to life. There are loads of free paper models on the Craft Robot site and of course you can design your own models to animate. Sounds like my sort of fun 🙂

I thought I'd give the FizzBit a try by fitting one to my Paper Mouse model. I've changed the parts slightly on the original file so I'll be making the file of this updated version available for anyone who wants to join in at home.

I put together this piece to hold one end of the FizzBit.

It fits in like this.

Here I've fitted the holder into the back of a made up mouse model.

The FizzBit fits into the holder. The pointy end of the FizzBit fits into a rectangulat hole in the front of the mouse.

Flip it the right way up and set it free, watch as it whizzes round the desktop!

The cat certainlty approves!