You may have spotted the new advert in the top right of the website. I've been a fan of David Landis' Desktop Gremlins for almost as long as they been in existence. Have a look at the site – I'm sure you'll enjoy them too. I love the simple elegance of the design and the skill of David's illustration.

Now David is planning a Desktop Gremlins book. If enough people join his Kickstarter campaign he'll be producing this lavishly illustrated, sumptuously printed 96 page book with twenty Desktop Gremlins for you to cut out and make.

He has set his funding goal for this campaign at the absolute minimum cost that covers professional printing, bonus reward tier manufacturing, Kickstarter & Amazon Payments fees, and mailing of all the final orders. This will allow him to sell a product at local book stores, book fairs and conferences. Proceeds raised from that will allow him to re-design into a sparkling-new website that will offer more free content then ever before as well as future books.

To be produced the book needs to reach its pledge goal by 18th November. I've made my pledge, hurry along to the Kickstarter site and help support this fantastic project!