Starting from this sketch I’ve been working on the head for my Eagle model. Notice that the zig-zag section at the bottom of the head is flaired outwards. Because of this, the head section can’t be made from a simple cylinder.

Instead I’ve made five identical pieces like this, The two sections at the bottom are flaired first by an extra four millimetres width, then by an extra six millimetres.

With the five pieces interlocked and glued together the bottom of the neck looks like this with the base flairing out nicely!

I finished off the head with a curved piece making the rounded top of the head then couple of beak parts and a set of glowering eyes.

The finished result looks suitable stern I reckon. Next I need to work out what I’m doing with the body, I think it is going to need to be scaled down compared to the head otherwise the finished model will be enourmous!