The magnets I ordered from eBay have arrived. Time to test out my revised magnetic hinge. These are super powerful neodymium magnets. Awesome!

I re-cut the body with a new profile to accept the 3mm magnets. Once the body was assembled I epoxied the magnets into place. I’ll probably drop the size of the hole a couple of tenths when I put together the final version for photography just so the magnets are a nice tight fit.

I made a little drill by snipping the end off a paper clip. The inverted ‘v’ of the cut makes a sharp end on the paper clip, perfect for drilling two small holes in the end of the wings.

I fashioned a staple from a length of paper clip just the right size to fit in the two holes.

The staple and the link point glued into place.

Snap! The magnets hold the wings into place nicely whilst allowing them to move freely. They look good too. Even #1Son agrees and he is a notoriously harsh critic.

With the wings in place all is looking good. I think I’m ready to put together a version for photography.