Cupid. Looking fine from the side.

Not so good from the top though, no surprise that #1Son was less than impressed.

I’d mentioned this problem on my previous blog post. This morning I had a email from reader James C. saying "Hi, have you thought about using magnets and a ball bearing for the hinges. Small, strong and no friction."
Nice idea! I couldn’t find any ball bearings in my giant-box-of-stuff but there were these neodymium magnets. Time for a bit of experimenting…

I redesigned to body to accept a couple of magnets fixing them into place with epoxy glue. (Araldite)

I then glued a matching magnet to the wing.

It works very smoothly though is perhaps a little bulky. Perhaps I don’t need two magnets…

Starting with a new wing I fashioned a staple from a length of paper clip wire and glued it into place.

What do you know! It works very nicely! The two body magnets now look rather bulky so I’ve ordered a couple of rectangular magnets from ebay. Should be here in a day or two . Thanks for the tip James!