Crow PagesI've completed the downloadable Crow project. You can download it at the foot of this post.

I'm really pleased with the overall result, the Crow looks cute and sits nicely on the coffee table in our front room.

Blow through the hole in the top of the crow and it makes a harsh rasping crow like sound.

I'm going to make a quick YouTube video showing the completed model so keep checking back.

Download your Crow model here and let me know how it goes.

YouTube Video



I've had a few requests for a completely black crow rather than the dark blue I used. I've upload a black version below – it is just the parts, the instructions are in the crow.pdf file. Note that it is super black! That is, rather than just 100% black, it is 100% black and 60% cyan. It prints out as a really rich, dense black. Enjoy.