Chameleon Prototype

Wed, 4 Apr 2012

I'd originally started this project as a tortoise popping in and out of her shell but, having put the mechanism together, it reminded me of a chameleon rocking back and forth on a twig.

The model has a pendulum in the lower part of the box with a relatively heavy weight. (Four coins in this case)

I'll be replacing the vertical linkages with legs and adding  suitable head and tail. I can still come back and use the mech for a tortoise, or a dog in a kennel at a later date.

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  • frankenpaper April 5, 2012 at 2:07 am

    This is cool! A rocking

    This is cool! A rocking motion is just the kind of thing that a chameleon does right before he strikes. When you make your video demonstration your should put this next to the butterfly as if he is stalking his prey.

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