Over the years I have created a several laser cut and 3D printed models. This website is aimed specifically at paper models so rather than cluttereing it up with non paper models I have used other sites including notes.robives.com to make models available. Now that I am a ambassador for Ultimaker Create Education ( I mentioned that before right? 🙂 I thought it best that I collect all my 3D Print and Laser-Cut stuff into one place.
So, I’m pleased to announce that I have started a new website at 3d.robives.com
I’ve tried to keep a similar look and feel with the main robives.com site so you should feel at home. I’m not adding membership to this site yet, maybe sometime in the futre but for membership I feel that you really need an extensive collection of projects and it is early days at the meoment.
For those with an interest in the behind-the-scenes of website design, 3d.robives.com is based around WordPress whilst this site is driven by Drupal.
The site is split into three main sections…


A blog, with hints, tips, design notes and articles about upcoming projects and interesting developments. 3D Prints. At the moment this will be your source of files fo you to use on your 3D print, some free, some paid for. Laser-Cut. Again, initially this will be files for your laser cutter though at some point I might start selling kits of parts.