Laser Cut Stegosaurus

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Download the pdf file and import it into your Laser Cutter software of choice.


Glue the head sides to the central body piece and clamp them as the glue dries.steg-a01

You will need four cocktail stick to align the parts. Glue the tow sides onto the centre with the cocktail stick ensuring that everything is lined up properly.


The legs on each side of the model are different. Glue the set of the legs where the feet are towards the centre of the body on one side.


On the other side glue the legs with the feet away from the centre of the body.steg-a04

Clamp everything up and let the glue dry.steg-a05

Cut four pegs from a cocktail stick. They should be the same length as the width of the model. steg-a06

Smear glue onto the pins and push them into place to complete the model.steg-a07

The completed Stegosaurus!steg-a09