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Isambard Kingdom Brunel. Make your own hero of the Industrial Revolution. IKB was the engineer behind all kinds of Victorian wonders from the ship Great Eastern to the beautiful Clifton Suspension Bridge. You can find out about him here.

Members can download the model for free, non-members can download the parts for £2.50

Print out the parts onto thin card. You will need seven sheets of 230 micron / 67lb card. Score along the dotted and dashed lines and cut out the holes before cutting out the parts.

Roll round and glue the top hat body and glue on the rim. Sandwich on a second rim lined up with the first.

Glue on the hat top.

Glue the nose into place. Roll round and glue down the head.

Roll the cigar piece tightly round and glue it down so that the red tip is tapered back as shown.

Fit the cigar into place with a small dot of glue.

Roll up and glue the neck Line up the edge of the neck with the edge of the grey area.

Glue one of the two thin neck rings to the top of the neck.

Fit the other two rings as shown. The middle ring should be free to turn so only glue it to itself.

Glue the neck tabs to the slip ring.

Glue together the head inner.

Fit the head inner to the neck tabs then glue on the tab covers so that the head inner is free to rotate round the neck and rock back and forth.

Glue the head inner inside the head to the inside front and back of the head.

Glue the top hat into place at a slightly jaunty angle. Not too jaunty!

Glue the front of the side burns into place and pull them out slightly to give them a ruffled profile.

Glue the collar to the neck curving down the collar wings as shown.

Roll round and glue together the two legs.

Join the legs together first at the back then at the front.

Assemble the two feet.

Glue the two feet to the legs so that they are pointed slightly outwards.

Glue together the various tabs to make up the jacket.

Glue the arms into the arm holes. Make sure you get them on the right way round!

Glue the edge of the inside of the collar into place. Lift the outer edge slightly to give a 3D look.

Thread the neck down into the body and glue it to the inside back of the body.

Finish off IKB by joining the body and legs together then tucking in the hands into the slots in the jacket and trousers.

Making the display stand.

Glue the ends onto the display back.

Fold round the sides to make two rectangular section tubes.

Glue the two stiffeners into place, make sure you get them the right way up by checking the light and shadow on the rivet heads.

Fold round the ends and glue them down.

Fold up and glue down the right angle triangle sections on the base.

Carefully glue together the base.

Glue the base to the grey areas on the back board.

Proudly display your Brunel on the stand. Now go and read all about him, he was an amazing fellow!