Elephant Zine

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It’s been a while since I produced a zine, time to set that straight!

I’m pleased to present Elephant: Mechanical Solutions to Everyday Problems a fun zine based around the theme of gears. Members can download and print out the file now – non-members will be able to download the file and join in the fun next week. If you can’t wait you can become a member here.

Once you have the file downloaded, print it out onto normal printer paper. Make sure you set your printer to “Landscape” and “Scale to Fit”
There’s an Instagram video showing how to fold up the Zine here. Belt and braces, there are instructions below.

This is how the finished page will be folded. Solid lines are cut lines, dotted lines are valley folds and dashed lines are hill folds. Notice the cut line across two panels in the centre of the sheet.

Use a sharp knife or a pair of scissors to cut off the excess from round the edge of the sheet.

Fold the sheet in half as accurately as possible.

Open up and fold the sheet in half the other way.

Open out the paper again then fold the ends into the centre. This will mark out the eight panels with creases.

Open out the sheet one last time then cut the centre line between the two vertical creases.

Fold the sheet in half then fold it up making this cross shape.

Fold it flat to make an eight page booklet.

Ta daa!