Disagreeable Sheep

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A curmudgeonly companion for the agreeable sheep. turn the handle on the disagreeable sheep and she shakes her head vigorously. With every turn of the crank she disagrees with everything you say.

Members can download the parts for free, non-members can download the project for £2.50.

The Disagreeable Sheep comes with both colour and mono versions. Print out the parts onto thin card (230 micron, 67lb) Note that the colour version is printed on both sides. Print out the front, flip the card over and return it to the printer to print out the back.

Score along the dotted and dashed lines. Cut out the holes then carefully cut out the pieces.

Fold over the cams and glue them together to make double thickness card. When the glue is completely dry cut out the parts.

Assemble the axle. Fit the cams to the axles. Note the positioning of the blue line and the orientation of the cams in the picture above.

Complete the cam shaft by gluing the cam supports into place.

Assemble the vertical shaft. Glue the striker plate to the centre grey area on the vertical shaft using the grey triangles for alignment.

Fold the striker plate round and glue it down. Glue two washers into place using the grey areas and the grey line.

Fold the flap round on the two box parts and glue them down to make a right triangle tubes.

Glue together the two box parts. Fit the base into the box with the hole at the front. Glue it into position so that it is lined up with the hole in the front and back of the box.

Fold the flaps on the bottom of the box and glue them down.

Thread the cam shaft into the box with the blue end though the hole with the blue ring. Fix it in with the remaining two washers.

Drop the vertical shaft into the box so that the flat face is towards the front of the box.

Fit the box top into place so that the vertical shaft is held in position.

Assemble the handle in three steps: Fold the two tubes and glue them together to make square sections. Fold one into the other and glue them together. Roll round the long tab and glue it down to complete the handle.

Glue the handle to the box.

Assemble the head and glue on the grumpy eyes.

Glue together the body inner. Glue the body inner to the inside of the body. Roll the body round and glue it down to that the two sides are lined up.

Glue the head to the flap at the top of the vertical shaft.

Glue the feet to the top of the box to complete the project. Once the glue is dry, turn the handle and the disagreeable sheep shakes her head.

Let the sheep jokes in the comments begin!