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Paper Pencil, Download and Make


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Here’s a quick, fun paper project for you to download and make. Members can download the paper pencil for free, non members can add it to the their cart for £2.50

Print out the parts onto thin card (230gsm / 67lb)

Score along the dotted lines then carefully cut out the parts.

Before you assemble the point of the pencil, score along the short lines between the scalloped grey areas and fold them slightly. Once the cone is rolled round and glued this will make a hexagonal shape at the end of the cone so that it matches with the pencil body.

Roll round the cone and glue it together. Make sure the two edges are lined up with each other.

Space the three pencil inners along the length of the pencil and glue down three of the tabs on each. The inner at the front of the pencil should be about 12mm from the end of the pencil to allow room for the cone to be fitted shortly.

Fold round and glue closed the pencil body. Make sure that it is straight and square.

Glue the cone into place. Do this one tab at a time. A coffee stirring stick is handing for applying glue.

If you are attaching the eraser, roll round and glue together the ferrule. Note that it is scored six times, half way across its depth. This makes one side a hexagon to match with the pencil body whilst the other side remains as a circle to house the eraser. Glue the ferrule to the pencil end so that the end of the pencil is roughly half way into the ferrule.

Glue together the two halves of the eraser.

Fit the eraser into the ferrule.

Done! The paper pencil makes a surprisingly attractive desk ornament. I hope you enjoy it.

Steven A’s Youtube Video

4 reviews for Paper Pencil

  • We love the mathematics! Well

    We love the mathematics! Well done- again!

    Hello Mum 🙂 – RI

  • just finished making mine its

    just finished making mine its a great fun little model that you can do while you have a little time it is really easy to make but also looks great.a quick enjoyable model to use to decorate your office or computer table at home.thanks rob

    Thanks, it is always a delight to hear that someone has made one of my projects! Glad you like it 🙂 – RI

  • thought i would try to add a

    thought i would try to add a picture


    Nice! – RI

  • Hi Rob. Check this

    Hi Rob. Check this out:




    Paper Pencil

    Fantastic! I've linked to the YouTube video in a blog post here – RI

    • thats great i was thinking

      thats great i was thinking about doing that too like adding an extra little thing in there to hold the pencil lead but didnt actually do they work to make it so great job im sure rob is going to love it when he sees it too

      • Actually it’s the black nib

        Actually it's the black nib section (with ink tube) of a Bic biro which I removed from it's clear plastic sheath. However it slips nicely on to the tip which I snipped off at the end. I used a sharp skewer to puncture holes in the inner body supports of the pencil for the ink tube to slip through. It stays in place quite well. 

        • em hi where do click to

          em hi where do click to download it or print it out?

          • Instructions are at the top

            Instructions are at the top of the page. You add the item to a shopping cart, then it gets added to your account in the "files" section, from where you can download it.

            You can get a free account, but most models are for members who pay a  small annual fee. Sign up and you get access to the back catalogue!

            Have a look around the site. If you go to the projects section, you'll see the past history of models, some of which are free to get you started.

            Thanks Smelter! There is a link for more help with downloading here – RI

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