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Mobius Snake - Download and Make



Here’s a simple but fun project I think that you might enjoy making. The mobius snake is a single piece model that rolls round and glues to make a snake eating its own tail. The twist being the twist in the paper which give the mobius strip its mysterious properties.

As a member you can can download the file at the end of the blog post. Print it out onto ordinary printer paper, cut it out and away you go!

Here is the finished model in all its simple glory. The mobius strip is a mathematical curiosity discovered in the 19th century – In its simplest form it is a strip of paper with a single twist glued into a loop. The weird thing is that, because of the twist the mobius strip has only one edge and one face. Trace your finger along one edge and without lifting it from the model you’ll pass by both eyes before returning to your starting point!

Close up detail of the head.

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  • Make TWO Mobius Snakes, one

    Make TWO Mobius Snakes, one each right and left hand.

    Make TWO more Mobius Snakes, one each right and left hand but coupled or linked together!

  •    Thanks for the excellent

       Thanks for the excellent model! I really enjoy these smaller projects. Here are a few observations and modest suggestions:

       Make a Möbius strip, then slice it down the center lengthwise.

       Make a model that's designed to be put together as a simple Möbius, then sliced as a demonstration, creating a new figure in front of an audience.

       There are other variations; two twists cancel each other out, but three makes for a more complex figure with more complex results when sliced down the center. If I recall correctly, it was a Martin Gardner book that told me about these variations.

       You can also slice twice, starting 1/3 of the way from the edge, going twice around before you reach the end.

       The Möbius can also be made rather thicker, creating a more substantial 2-1/2 dimensional figure. It can also be folded as an equilateral triangle, though I'm not sure how that would be helpful or artful.


       When searching for more ideas/examples on the Web, it's useful to note that this is often spelled as Moebius, due to a transliteration of the Germanic umlaut-o.

    • Thanks for the feedback! I’m

      Thanks for the feedback! I'm delighted to hear that you have enjoyed the Mobius Snake model.

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