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Levers eBook - Come and get it!


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I’m delighted to announce that the Levers eBook is now available on the website. Thank you for all the support and feedback I’ve had while I’ve been putting this together, it is really appreciated!

3 reviews for Levers eBook

  • There’s an odd little error

    There's an odd little error with this file; the name of the PDF is something about carving a Viking hook; the contents are correct.

    • Huh?


      • Sorry for the report. My

        Sorry for the report. My mouse button is acting up; as I was crawling through the directories saving it, I must have passed over (and clicked) a different file entirely. When I looked to verify what I was saving, the name had changed.

  • Hi Rob. There seems to be an

    Hi Rob. There seems to be an error when attempting to download. PDF will not open.

    • Thanks for your message,

      Thanks for your message, please can you try again now.

  • All good now thanks Rob.

    All good now thanks Rob.

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