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Hoot Complete!


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Snow day!

Been trapped in the house/office today by the snow so I’ve finished off the Hoot model earlier than expected!

If you are a subscriber you’ll be able to download the model now at the link below. If you’re not a subscriber yet, why not? You know you want too!

Anyway, to all my lovely subscribers, console yourself about the lack of jet packs and hover boards and shiny silver suits in the year 2010 and download this fun little model.

7 reviews for Hoot

  • Rob,
    I keep putting off to


    I keep putting off to ask, But for us "A4 impaired" across the pond, would it be possible to also have letter (8 1/2" x 11") pdf patterns? Or will all your patterns also fit on letter  paper when printed with no scaling? I think that was a problem I had a while back with the marble run. Could never get it to run sucessfully. Either that or I wasn’t using metric marbles!


    Thanks for all your work and the wonderful models.


    • John,
      The kits should all


      The kits should all work on Letter size. I use a print area which fits on both sizes of paper. Can someone with experience of using a letter size printer confirm if the kits work? Thanks!

      Also; thanks Shelley!

      •  Hi Rob & John
        I’ve always

         Hi Rob & John

        I’ve always been able to use the print area on letter sized paper. It doesn’t print the header, but the model itself is always there.

        I also had trouble with the marble run, but after rebuilding it several times, I finally got it to work. I’m pretty sure that it wasn’t the print size that caused my problem. Rather it was my overuse of glue which caused some warping. Also that model showed me where I had been inaccurate in my scoring technique.

        Thanks for hoot, Rob. I have an owl fan for a grandson and he will love this one.!!!



  • What’s better than a paper

    What’s better than a paper toy owl whose wings move from pressing a button on the base? Flying cars are boring–this is something amazing and real.

  • Never had any trouble

    Never had any trouble printing out your models on my HP C6180 all in one printer. Everything comes out fine on 8 1/2 x 11 card stock. Never knew there was a problem for anyone.


  • Thank you all  for the

    Thank you all  for the responses.

    I will go back to the cutting board.

    Thanks again

    Looking forward to more fun!


    • Another thing to watch for is

      Another thing to watch for is the printer software automatically resizing.  I found a web site that you can specify any sort of graph paper and get sent a pdf, but every time I printed it, it was not to the sizing I wanted.  At first I assumed it was another internet over-promise-and-under-deliver, but eventually I found things like zoom and ‘shrink to fit’ in the print dialog box.

  • Thank for the model

    Thank for the model

  • Hi Rob,
    Firstly, thanks for

    Hi Rob,

    Firstly, thanks for all the enjoyment your models have brought me.

    A quick look through the pages for this model very nearly threw me – skipping to the end of the document, I saw a page labelled ‘Parts. Back 1’ – which confused me, since I’d seen a parts page 1 near the start of the file. Were the pages in a strange order? Had they somehow become muddled? Further investigation revealed that the actual model parts are correct, it’s just the labelling that has gone awry: both ‘Parts. Back 3’ pages (colour and mono) are labelled as back 1 pages.

    Once you’ve worked this it, it’s not a major issue – but it’s not ideal!

    Thanks again, I’m looking forward to having a go at making this over the weekend…


    • Oops, Thanks for pointing out

      Oops, Thanks for pointing out the error, I’ll get the corrected version uploaded now.


      • A couple of other things I
        A couple of other things I spotted when I made the model:

        • Parts page 2 – the two sections for the box. The coloured sections for the backs don’t quite match the shape of the parts – the tabs numbered 22 protrude beyond the coloured area. There does seem to be a tab-shaped extension to the reverse of the yellow bit of these pieces though!
        • Parts page 3 – I found the positioning of the ‘8’s on the back of the main body slightly confusing. Step 4 of the instructions says ‘Glue [the coin holders] to the inside front and back of the body. (8)’ Not being too sure exactly where they should be positioned, I used the 8s as a guide – meaning the coins were more front-left and front-right. When I tried to fit the legs, I realised my error…

        I think I’ll be having another go at making this one, learning from the first time round!


        • Thanks for the comments, I’ll

          Thanks for the comments, I’ll get a corrected version posted shortly

  • HOOT is very beautiful!I live

    HOOT is very beautiful!I live it!

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