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Flex Joint - paper experiment



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In the previous blog post Michael42er used a flexible drive shaft to link models together. Inspired by his work I have put together a file of parts for you to try making your own flexible drive shafts. If you are a member you can download the parts file at the link.

Most of the project on this site use either an 8mm or a 10mm dirve shaft. I’ve put together parts for both. The ones in the illustrations below are for 8mm drive shafts.

Print out the sheet onto a sheet of thin card. (230 micron/67lb) Score along the dotted lines then carefully cut out the parts.

Make up a tube and add a washer around a third of the way down its length.

Plait the two card strips back and forth.

Once the spring part is made, add a blob of glue in the arrowed areas to stop it unravelling.

Glue one end of the zig zag spring to the shaft. Make up the shorter shaft and glue it to the other end.

Repeat the process with a second spring and shaft. Having a double joint like this lets you join together  two models with drive shafts at different heights.

Use the flexible shaft to join two model together!

As well as the 8mm shaft shown here and the 10mm shaft there is also a pair of tapered pieces to fold up into a spring so that you can make a joint which reduces in size from one to the other.

Here’s how Michael42er did it!

3 reviews for Flexjoint

  • Great idea, and Video, too.

    Great idea, and Video, too.

  • Rob, you forgot to mention

    Rob, you forgot to mention Michael42er's words of warning.

    >PS: Please note that the rotation power transmission, (clockwise or counterclockwise) is dependent on the initial steps of folding.

    Sounds like if you make the wrong hand version, the spring will unravel!


  • I can see where this would

    I can see where this would have a lot of interesting applications.

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