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25 Mechanisms to Download and Make




Paper mechanisms are paper projects you
download and make that show you how mechanisms work. From gears to ratchets and linkages, from the Geneva stop to the universal joint, making these mechanisms helps you understand how they works. Paper Mechanisms Complete consists of twenty five mechanisms for you to download and make with more being added all the time, the latest being the gear train mechanism.

The pack is offered for the amazing price of less than £1 each. Better yet, I’ll be adding new mechanisms to the pack as I create them and as a purchaser you’ll be able to download the new additions for free for a full year after your purchase date.

Currently in the Paper Mechanisms Complete pack are:

Geneva Six
Geneva Stop
Flip Flop
Watt Linkage
Peaucellier Linkage
Bi-Directional Ratchet
Two Toothed Ratchet
Three Toothed Ratchet
Archimedes Screw
Double Crank
Bell Crank
Gear Train
Belt Drive
Crank Mechanism
Quick Return Mechanism
Worm Gear
Crank Slider
Adjustable Crank Slider
Universal Joint
Bevel Gear
Rack and Pinion
Big Gear


Members can download these models from the project’s individual pages in the normal manner.

6 reviews for Paper Mechanisms Complete

  • Hi Rob
    I’ve just signed up

    Hi Rob

    I've just signed up for the membership+ and having some problems finding the plans for any of the 21 mechanisms.  I can see all the instructions with pictures for each of them but I am not sure where to click to download the plans

    Would appreciate your help!

    Thanks much


    • Weewan, thanks for you

      Weewan, thanks for you message. Make sure that you are logged in when you visit the site.

      When you visit a product page you should see an 'Add to Cart' button. Click on then , then, as a member+, you will be able to check out for free

    • Oh yes!  Thanks much Rob, I

      Oh yes!  Thanks much Rob, I know how it works now.


      • hola!!!
        No puedo acceder a


        No puedo acceder a las descargas y no se a que cupon se refieren

        Por favor me ayudan

        Gracias Juan Carlos

        • Hi Juan Carlos. Please send

          Hi Juan Carlos. Please send me your email address via the contact form and I will sort this out for you.

  • Hello. 
    I just payed for 1


    I just payed for 1 year membership today and when I click 'ADD TO CART' button for this 23 Mechanisms Pack, it shows me a page with following message. 

    I'm afraid the page you are looking for can't be found. Please can you take a moment to let me know where you arrived from so that I can track down the error and correct it. Thanks!

    Is there anything wrong with my account?

    If you send me your email address I'll sort this out for wishes Rob – RI

    Fixed now 🙂 – RI

  • Just a note to all who

    Just a note to all who download this kit.

    The zip file contains only the models and not the instructions.

    There is a table of links on this page to the instructions. This has the advantage of leading you to the comments posted for each model which, quite frankly can lead you to lots of interesting ideas and places 😉

  • HELP me.

    HELP me.

    I downloaded the file. But the zip file has error. So,  I cannt open the file. Please, check the file. Or, send me the file via e-mail.


    Thank you.

  • Still not able to download –

    Still not able to download – zip file has an error – please fix or email – thanks

  • Same, the zip seems to be

    Same, the zip seems to be corrupted.

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