Monthly Membership

Monthly Membership.

Sign up for monthly membership for only £1 or $1.50 per month. Monthly membership gives you all access to all sorts for free projects to download and make.

There are three type of downloadable model on


These models can be download by everyone, member or non-member with no charge.
Some examples of free models:

Agreeable Sheep Cam Zine Heisenberg Making Mars Phono Horn

Paid for models:

Usually around £2.50. As a Monthly Members you can download all the models that are added to the site during your membership for free! Models added before you started your membership are half price.

Surly Jack Chameleon Wag the Dog Logic Goats Paper Globe

Members Only Models

These projects can only be download by members. As a Monthly Member you can download all of the members only projects, past and present, for free!

Pop Up Cube Spy Ears Crank Slider Ginger Gear

Monthly membership is only £1ukp or $1.50 per month and is renewed each month automatically. You can easily cancel your membership at any time.

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