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This mechanism is used to convert between rotary motion and reciprocating motion, it works either way. Notice how the speed of the piston changes. The piston starts from one end, and increases its speed. It reaches maximum speed in the middle of its travel then gradually slows down until it reaches the end of its travel.

Make your own here here.



Is there any model using this mechanism? That would just be too awesome.


I'm working on one at the moment. More news soon.

Anonymous (not verified)

its been two years, nice job rob 

Piston Mechanism :-) - RI

Anonymous (not verified)

come on rob... 4 years? really?

Seriously. Follow the link above - RI

Anonymous (not verified)

This is very helpful for my homework. Thanks!

Anonymous (not verified)

Seriously Rob its been 5! years

Seriously dude - follow the links above! - RI