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The watch escapement is the centre of the time piece. It is the escapement which divides the time into equal segments. 
The balance wheel, the gold wheel, oscillates backwards and forwards on a hairspring (not shown) As the balance wheel moves the lever is moved allowing the escape wheel (green) to rotate by one tooth. 
The power comes through the escape wheel which gives a small 'kick' to the palletes (purple) at each tick.



i could watch this for hours :D i got into sooooo much trouble when i was a kid, my mum and dad had a foldaway travel alarm clock, and i took it apart, to see how it worked :D n :/  and i was mesmerised by this happening inside it :) i used to get in trouble all the time, taking moving things apart to see how they worked :) 

this has brought out the kid in me again :) my nanna had these clockwork dancing horses that i used to play with for ages, and the lady next door used to make simple paper toys with me. the best present i got was a book on how to make moving toys eg how to make a zooetrope etc; and i have found this site by accident, and i want so desperately to make some toys again with my little boy i could wake him up right now, but i won't :D i am going to use my little boy as an excuse lol to make some and buy some of yours :D


I used to love taking apart old clocks and watches. After a lot of practise I could even put them back together. Sometimes they even worked!

Katie Grace

hiya rob

so we have any models that use escapements?


Not yet but I am working on it :-) - RI

Anonymous (not verified)

would you get the same motion if you replaced the balance wheel with a piston?

Yes, you probably would but it wouldn't have the time keeping properties of the balance wheel - RI

Anonymous (not verified)

Just discovered your website. It's marvelous!

:-D - RI