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Chain and Sprocket

Chains are used to connect gears. They work in a similar way to pulleys but with a positive drive rather than a reliance on friction. Gears which are connected by chain turn in the same direction unlike gears which mesh against each other.


Check out the updated page here:

Chain & Socket


Anonymous (not verified)

Other animations load just fine but the animation for this example does not load.


I haven't done the animation for this page yet :-)

Anonymous (not verified)

But it's been a year and u still havent done it!

The shame!- RI

Matthew (not verified)

Come on Rob, what are you playing at? I'm trying to do a flipping GCSE and you're failing to reach your websites high reputation by failing to upload a simple animation, a 2 year old could make. I am very disappointed since i get excited over motion animations such as a chain and sprocket, please will you get your act together and upload this simple animation.

kind regards 

Matthew "Perm" Guest

Anonymous (not verified)

@matthew u get ur act together if u think a two-year old can do it, then do it urself. don't tell me ur a toddler. rob created this whole website which is just awesome. i luv it. hats off rob!!!