UP__Plus_517b37560bb3b3D printing has been the technology of the future for a while now. At last it is becoming the technology of today. The time has come for me to explore the wonders of 3D printing and all its varied possibilities.
To that end, I’m saving up for the clumsily named Up! Plus, a printer that has come out well in the reviews I’ve read and seems to offer the accuracy and versatility that I need.
I’m planning to run this part of the website as a record of my adventures in the world of 3D printed automata, a world currently populated by practically nobody. This site will start slowly, there’s not a lot I can post until I can buy the printer but expect to see the number of posts steadily increase as I start my explorations of this promising new field. I’m really looking forward to getting to know the new techniques, limitations and possibilities that 3D printing has to offer.
This will be fun!