Card Mechanisms

Paper Mechanisms for the Atlanta International School



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The lever is one of the simplest mechanism, It can be used to convert both the direction and speed of a movement. In this case the small left to right movement is converted to a larger right to left movement.

Four bar linkages can be used to make all sorts of interesting movements. Try changing the lengths of the different bars to make different effects.

A slider can be used to make a character move from side to side. The card strip slides through paper loops taped to the board.

One of the most important machines in the history of machines! A circle of card and a split pin makes a simple wheel. Fasten characters around the wheel to make them move.

By making a couple of holes in the card it is possible to thread some string in place to make a simple pulley. Pulling the knot back and forth lets you move a character in the opposite direction on the front of the card