Build It! Make It! SPACE:

Makerspace Models. Build your Own Alien Spaceship, Flying Rocket, Asteroid Sling Shot
Over 25 Awesome Models to Make:

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The fourth book in our best-selling Build it! Make it! series …Space! Rob Ives is a genius at engineering models that move, entertain and give hours and hours of fun for everyone. Imagine making a top-secret spy satellite, cosmic fans will love this book. All you need are some simple items and the step-by-step instructions will be easy to follow. Get ready to build….

Spacecraft that can land on the Moon

A spectacular space station to orbit the Earth

Awesome rockets ready for lift off

Spy satellites, for a top-secret project!


Use the QR Codes to download templates and see videos of finished models. Spectacular facts complete each project. It’s the best book for kids to join the space race and become super engineers!