New Geared Crank to Download and Make

Gear and Crank together in perfect harmony. The gear works to reduce the crank speed to just a smidge over a third speed. Use this Essential Mechanism as the starting point for your own character based automata or as an exercise in pure mechanism.

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After mulling over various solutions for a while now, I have finally taken the plunge. Rather than maintaining two separate websites, I have merged the website into the main site. All the laser-cut and 3d printed projects from the original 3d site are now available within This has the added advantage for members that they can also download these models for free. Not a member yet? You can still purchase the downloads for a small fee as before, or you can become a member here.

Visit the site shop and you can choose to view all the downloads, or choose from one of four categories to see the models you are after.

Paper | Laser Cut | 3d Print | Junk Models

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Printed Kits from Flying Pig!

The printed kits from Flying Pig are booklets containing all the parts ready to cut out make into  a fascinating moving paper model. Also included are a set of fully illustrated instructions. Just add scissors and glue!
Flying Pig kits make a fantastic gift for the craft and curious.

Visit the Flying Pig store here.

Check out some of the available printed kits below.

Skiing Sheep Rumination Mexican Peck Jolly Roger

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