Introductory Membership Price – Final Two Days!

Final newsletter on this subject 🙂

A while back I merged standard and membership-plus into one simpler, clearer membership. The new single membership was launched with an introductory price. That introductory price lasts until 1st May after which the membership prices will rise. You still have the opportunity to sign up at the introductory price saving roughly 30%.

Currency One Year Recurring Membership
£UKP £21.50 £20.50
$USD $30.00 $28.50
€EUR €24.50 €23.50

From 1st May 2019 Membership will be:

£UKP £32.00 £28.50
$USD $45.00 $40.50
€EUR €36.50 €32.50

If you are currently a member the price of your membership will not change.

The new prices will be will apply to members who sign up on or after 1st May 2019.

Sign up for membership now to take advantage of the old price!


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