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Mon, 17 Oct 2016

Paper Puffer: Download and Make.

Paper Puffer! Perfect for cleaning eraser-dust from your sketch book, for cleaning your camera lenses or for a thousand and one other uses. Made entirely from paper this hand held air blower is the perfect addition to any artists tool kit. This project is available for everyone to download for free.

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Download your Paper Puffer here…

Boom Box Penguin : Download and Make.

A new model for your collection. This one is pretty quick to put together but the end result is this delightful papertoy penguin. Download the parts, print out the page and make your own Boom Box Penguin.

Members can download the parts for free from the website. Thanks for signing up! Non members can join in the fun for $3 / £2

Become a member and you can download the parts for this and hundreds of other amazing paper projects for free!

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3D Corner:

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3D printable gear train. Print out and make this hypnotic mechanism on your 3D printed! Visit the website to find out more about this and other laser cut and 3d printed models.

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