364: Twitterer to download and make! 2nd April 2016

Sat, 2 Apr 2016

Twitterer Type 3 and Two Types of Bellows

As part of my ongoing project to make a Victorian style mechanical bird automata from paper and card I am happy to present my Type 3 Twitterer as well as the new type of bellows I developed along the way. Both these projects are available for download for free for Members and Patrons – thanks for your support! Non members can join in the fun for a small fee.

Twitterer Type 3 Two Types of Bellows

Twitterers. Bird Box Project

My first two projects are still available for download.
Victorian automata makers prided themselves in their ability to make lifelike mechanical birds that moved and sang just like a the real thing. I'm experimenting with a more modest paper version of the same idea. Along the way I'm trying out various different mechanisms and sharing them on the website so you can join in the fun!

The first of these models are these two twitterer boxes, the voice box of the bird model. Download and make the projects and fill your house with melodious bird song!

Members and Patrons can download the models for free at the website, non members can download the models for a small fee

Type 1 Type 2

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I've recently updated the way the Patreon patron system works – rather than payment per model I've switched to payment per month, that way it is easy to know exactly how much your support will cost. I hope that helps! Thanks very much to all the patrons that are already supporting me. I really appreciate your support.

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Some recent of the paper projects available for patrons and members to download for free.

Ice Lolly Triceratops Mesh Gear Guard Dog

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