338: Patreon & Pop Ups. 2nd July 2015

Thu, 2 Jul 2015

Patreon! A New Way to be a Member of robives.com

I like to make it as easy as possible to become a member of robives.com and to join in the fun of making all the animated paper models. To that end, as well as memberships, the ricomplete download or individual downloads I'm pleased to announce that I have set up a Patreon page

How it Works.
As a patron you choose how much you would like to pledge for each of the models I design. You can change the amount whenever you want and you can cancel at any time. 
I usually produce between two and four new models per month. As a patron you can set a monthly maximum pledge so that you never go above your budget.
Your Rewards.
As a patron you will be able to download the file of the parts and instructions so you can print out and make each of the models that I design. There are loads of different extra rewards for different levels of support – you can see them on the Patreon site
Click here and get started now!

Pop Up Cards!


Check out these two pop up cards – part of a set that I have designed for Brother International's Creative Center.
They are free for everyone to download at the Brother site.

Click the pictures for more details.

Some of the recent models from robives.com

Gear Up! Twitch Mouse Bird Bellows Guard Dog

Become a Member of robives.com.

• Download dozens of amazing paper projects for free.
• Download project instruction pages as a pdf for printing.
• Reduced website advertising.

From only $14.95 / €11.95 / £9.95 a year! What a fantastic bargain!

Become a member of robives.com now! robives.com is made possible entirely by the support of members and shoppers. I literally couldn't run the site without you. Thank you!

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