A Quick Note About Covid 19

I’m committed to continuing to produce quality projects that hopefully both entertain and inform. While this pandemic is ongoing I’ll be skewing more towards simpler projects that you can make with things from around the home though there will still be plenty of more challenging stuff to do!

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Cartesian Diver

Squeeze the bottle containing the Cartesian Diver and it sinks, release it and it floats again. Control the force and you can make the diver hang mysteriously in the middle of the bottle!

The download for this project includes fully illustrated instructions and an introduction to the science of the Cartesian Diver. Members can download the file by adding it to the cart for free. Thanks for signing up!

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Circling Swifts

The homopolar electric motor is the simplest of all electric motors. Just a battery, a magnet and a wire.

In this model the homopolar motor is made from a battery, a neodymium magnet and a length of thin wire. Download the instructions for construction and make your own circling swifts!

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