Simple Rack & Pinion

An interesting mechanism for members to download and make. This mechanism was originally designed as a part of an upcoming paper animation. It seems like it could be useful in all sorts of other projects so I’m releasing it as a members only kit. If you’re a member you can download it for free at the website.

The rack and pinion converts movement between back and forth and rotary, Check out the website for an animation and more details.

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Eagle Project

Follow the progress of the upcoming eagle project on the blog. Find out how the project is developing and how the various parts work.

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Rockin’ Rabbit

A pendulum powered paper rabbit to download and make. Move the rabbit, however slightly and she nods her head powered by the simple pendulum hidden within.
Members can download the model for free from the website, non-members can download the parts for £2.50

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Some of the recent projects for members to download for free!

Owl Box Flexiphant I.K.Brunel Bevel

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