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I've spent the last couple of days updating the membership system on the website. I'm pleased to say that new member's accounts will now be activated automatically as soon as you sign up, you will no longer have to wait for me to manually activate your account. I have also made some changes to the way shop works hopefully making everything a little smoother. 

I'm hoping lots of people will come and test the new system so, until June 30th, I'm offering a special discount on new memberships purchased!

Save 10% on Standard Membership. Enter the code MEMB10
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Bringing Mechanisms to Life Poster

I still have a very few of these posters left. They are perfect for the design technology classroom or workshop.

The posters are A2 in size (420 x 594 mm – 16.5 x 23.4 in) and are laminated in plastic making them very durable. The posters have information on mechanisms and how they are used in automata. They feature pictures of kits from the Flying Pig website.

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Hammerbot – Come and get it!

Turn the handle and the Hammerbot remorselessly hammers anything in its path. This hammering robot uses a four bar linkage to create an interesting motion driven by a turning crank.

Members can download and make this intriguing mechanism for free, non-members can download the file for £2.50

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