18th July 2010


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Mobius Snake – Download and Make

Here's a simple but fun project I think that you might enjoy making. The mobius snake is a single piece model that rolls round and glues to make a snake eating its own tail. The twist being the twist in the paper which give the mobius strip its mysterious properties. 

mobius snake

Snap Up Squid- come and get it!

Continuing my ongoing project to bring up to date releases of more obscure models that were previously hidden away on the flying pig site I bring you… The Snap Up Squid! Now there's a hole in your life that you didn't know needed filling!

Snap Up Squid



Logic Goats

The central processing unit lies at the heart of every computer, a vast collection of microscopically small switches and logic-gates. Now, through the power of paper we bring you those same logic gates in goat form.

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