18th April 2010


If you enjoy the paper engineering projects on the robives.com website, you'll love the membership package. For just £3 a month you get access to all sorts of exclusive member's content from quick craft projects to complete animated paper models.
Visit the Membership page for more details and to sign up.


Many of the models in the store are grouped together into collections. There have been links to these collections for a while but they weren't obvious. I've now collected them together and given them their own links. There are four collections here to get you started.


Presented here are the and-goat the or-goat, the not-goat and the xor-goat. The and-goat will nod his head only in you press the right button AND the left button. The or-goat nods his head if you press the left button OR the right button OR both buttons. The not-goat nods his head if you are NOT pressing the button. The xor-goat nods if you press one button OR the other button but not if you press both. Download the model, print them onto thin card then cut out and assemble following the clear, fully illustrated instructions.


Three fun Boxer models to cut out and make. The Bee boxer, boxer and squid boxer. Each model comes as a decorated box, lift the lid to reveal the character within.



An interesting collection of gear based models to download and make. The set consists of the bevel gear, straight gear and rack and pinion models.



The complete paper locksmith. A collection of three working paper locks to cut out and make. As well as the three models the collection comes with the booklet on the history of locksmithing and the mechanisms of modern locks.


A 55 page ebook aimed at people who teach and people who want to learn! The book centres around ten extendable cardboard engineering projects which introduce many mechanisms, from simple cams to crank sliders and swash plate.

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